Container House

Product advantages
Comfort and beauty
Panels: The wall panels use Duowei energy-saving PU/new rock wool/glass wool sandwich panels, which have excellent heat-preservation and a nice look
Connection between panels do not uses a thermal bridge
Noise reduction is insured by a gap between roof and floor and also by the insulation material in the panels that is a good sound insulation material
New window system for increased air-tightness
Roof integration design completely eliminate the hidden trouble of leakage during rain
Flexible and convenient
Three stories / no horizontal limit
Total surface can be adjusted during the life of the project
Prefabricated: 90% prefabricated in the factory, including prefixed windows and doors into the wall panel, ceiling and floor decoration and electrical system. It only takes one day for three workers to complete one 15 square meter container house
Convenient transportation: 4 modular units as big as a 20’ ISO shipping container can be transported directly as a whole
Product could be installed whatever the weather condition

Type Size(L*W*H)
1 Outer 6055mm*2435mm*2796mm ( ISO Dimension)
Inner 5895mm*2270mm*2500mm
2 Outer 6055mm*3000mm*2796mm
Inner 5895mm*2840mm*2500mm

Roof system
Surface: color steel corrugated sheet (Conventional thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm)
Insulation: 100mm thickness glass wool/rock wool/PU
Ceiling: color steel corrugated sheet (Conventional thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm)
Galvanized, welded frame
Integrated drainage system

Wall panel system
The container houses use Duowei’s core product-the energy-saving panel as the wall material
Insulation material: Level A fire-proof material----The new rock wool/Glass wool, Level B1 fire-proof material----PU
Insulation: coefficient of heat transfer (K/m2.h. ℃)
Material thickness PU New glass wool/rock wool
50mm 0.31 0.69 0.75
75mm 0.21 0.47 0.53
100mm 0.19 0.36 0.41
External wall panel: galvanized color steel (Conventional thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm)
Insulation: 50mm/75mm/100mm
Internal wall panel: color steel sheet (Conventional thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm)

Base system
1.8 mm thickness PVC board
18 mm thickness cement particle board
Insulation:100mm thickness glass wool/rock wool/PU
Structure:0.4mm color steel corrugated sheet
Galvanized, welded frame

External protection
Galvanized steel material
Better weathering and preservative effect thanks to a special spray painting and galvanized steel

Material: sandwich panel door with aluminum alloy groove

Size: 1120mm*1100
Frame material: PVC/ aluminum alloys
Opening way: sliding/tilt and turn

Industrial terminal: 3P32A(input, output)
Lighting: 36W Double fluorescent lamp
Switch: Wireless switch option
Socket: 5 pin sockets and AC socket

DuoWei Services
1. Planning and Design
The technical engineers and designers at Duowei can develop technical solutions that will meet the needs of our customers.

2. Transportation
Duowei delivers the container houses using its extensive network of professional transportation companies to enable the delivery of modules according to the planned schedule.

3. Installation
The Duowei container houses have been engineered and designed to make installation a quick, safe and efficient process, as well as to keep noise minimum and to generate zero waste on site. The expertise of our team members ensure a proper installation.

4. Decoration
We understand that customized decoration could be important for specific usages, to enhance comfort or aesthetics. Thanks to our extensive international experience, our designers can tailor our modules to your needs.

5. Communication
This housing is designed to enable easy connection to communication networks. The electrical network and a series of plugs are pre-installed in each modules 2 external sockets are available for easy connection to an external generator.

6. Security Services
In addition to providing safe buildings we would like to offer to our customer’s value-added products such as fire extinguishers, detectors, monitoring equipment, secure locks etc.

7. Facility
Duowei provides you a large range of additional equipment such as office furniture, air conditioning systems, air cleaner , etc.

After sales services
We are confident that your experience with Duowei will be smooth and easy, but we like to reinsure you that our professional after sales services is dedicated to your satisfaction.

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