Duowei is one of the first enterprises to get the top grade qualification for steel structure projects. The production center for our steel truss decks has several internationally advanced product lines and it can produce 18 million square meters of every type steel truss deck annually.
Duowei color sheet steel combines the superior strength of steel plate and the corrosion resistance of oven cured paint that will last, providing you with strong and beautiful panels.
Concave-convex groove structure, improving tight insulation at board joints, especially designed for refrigerating chambers. The polyurethane cold room panels feature excellent thermal insulation performance and waterproof performance. The modular boards can be disassembled and reinstalled.
The polyurethane cleanroom panel is a board that features a composite color coated sheet that is widely used for the construction of cleanrooms because of its dustproof, anti-static and anti-microbial effects. Electronics manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies would be the most likely to use this type of panel due to their high environmental requirements.