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PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel
In terms of raw material proportioning and process output, Duowei PUR/PIR sandwich panel products employ the globally advanced six-component online automatic operation (SIEMENS) mixing and pouring technology and have realized six-component continuous foaming for the first time in China. The mixing techniques allow us to get desired results with great consistency.

Polisocyanurate is called PIR for short. For the composite boards developed by Duowei, excessive isocyanurate is added and a ring structure and higher isocyanurate index are employed in the compounds to form compact PIR products, thus ensuring greater stability and excellent heat and fire resistance for the internal rigid foams. The results of experiments show that the products may endure a temperatures up to 200 ºC for short periods of time or 160 ºC for extended periods.

Core Competencies of DuoWei Polyurethane Panels
Energy saving and heat insulation: the closed cell rate is equal to or larger than 97% and heat insulation performance is excellent.

Fire-resisting performance: The products have passed the inspections by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire-extinguisjing Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components and proved to be in line with GB8624-2006 requirements.

Air tightness and sound insulation: The sandwich panels have great sound insulation and decrease the sounds due to impacts of weather effects.

Beautiful appearance and high economical efficiency: the products have various surface forms and colors. Besides, they consume less materials and therefore save both construction time and construction cost.

Quick construction: polyurethane panels easily and quickly installed.